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BCATv's current Board of Directors consists of the following unpaid volunteers who donate many hours of community service every week:

 Melissa Scheirey  President  
 Rick Rivers
 Doug Dillon  Treasurer


Please use email, unless there is an Emergency situation.  DO NOT CALL BOXFORD TOWN HALL, as the Board "works full time to pay for all their volunteering".

Our Government Access Station Manager is Lance Cluster, and he can be reached at 

Our General Manager (and interim Public Access Coordinator) is Brad Sweet and he can be reached at  or .

To submit a request for a Community Bulletin Board non-profit posting on Ch 8/45, Ch 22/39 and Ch 99/40, please EMAIL your requests to  and make sure that your posting is readable.  1920x1080 JPEG images display very well.  If you are submitting text, please limit it to 8 lines by 40 characters, including spaces and punctuations.

BCATv's Mission Statement

Boxford Cable Access Television Corporation, Inc (BCATv) is a non-profit organization, which was formed to strengthen our community through increasing and enhancing communication among its residents. Membership is open to all the residents of Boxford.

BCATv exists to provide Boxford residents and organizations with the tools and training needed to effectively communicate with one another and with our schools and governmental bodies through the use of television and other electronic media.

These resources provide community members with a non-commercial forum for ideas, opinions, information and creative expression originating at the grassroots level.

BCATv does not select nor censor programming, but rather our local residents, organizations, schools and government bodies determine what information is important to share with the community. The rules and procedures outlined in our Operating Rules are designed to ensure that resources are used only for intended purposes and that all who wish to participate have an equal opportunity.

Our goals are:

  • Create a collaborative, participative and creative environment.
  • Promote freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression.
  • Highlight Boxford's diversity, including: its agricultural roots; strong democratic local government; educational facilities, including its regional high school district; youth and adult sports; local artisans; and growing senior population.
  • Nurturing producer driven programming ideas that are unimpeded by excessive regulatory control, ratings or commercial influence.
  • Provide an inviting, nurturing and safe learning environment where it's ok to experiment and learn by making mistakes.
  • Encouraging residents of all ages to express their ideas through local media.

Click for BCATv's Mission Statement, History, Current and Future Activities.

BCATv in Action

Boxford Cable Access Tv was featured in the July 2013 issue of VideoMaker Magazine.

Life at a Community Access Station describes what BCATv has done over the past 9 years to attract enthusiastic videographers who record the majority of the content our viewers see every week.


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